Tabletop Exercises

According to a Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council study, businesses with a formal contingency plan experience significantly less downtime during a crisis. In fact, 75% of companies without a contingency plan fail within three years of a major disaster. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-thought-out contingency plan in case of a fire, flood, or work stoppage.

A tabletop exercise is an effective way to engage your team in testing a business contingency plan. These informal, discussion-based sessions unite team members to discuss their responses to hypothetical emergency scenarios. With quarterly to annual testing, tabletop exercises are an excellent tool to bring individuals from all departments into a single location to discuss how to handle and react to specific scenarios. For example, through this gathering, we will determine if employees know the following:

  • Who to call in the event of an emergency?
  • What are the evacuation procedures?
  • Equipment shutdown sequences and procedures.
  • Individual roles and responsibilities.

At Huffmaster, we work with our clients to develop these tabletop exercises, ensuring that any gaps are identified and that they understand what to do in an emergency. At the end of each activity, we provide feedback and quantitative analysis to help our clients evaluate their planning efforts, identify what they learned from the process, and build other strategies and steps for future planning.

Turn to Huffmaster to help uncover the comprehension of your contingency plan and ensure all employees understand their roles in an emergency.