Skilled Maintenance

At Huffmaster, we understand the importance of maintaining your facility’s operations during a labor dispute. Therefore, we offer skilled maintenance staff services, including boiler operators, electricians, plumbers, and other skilled trades.

Our experience in the manufacturing industry gives us a unique advantage in sourcing these individuals quickly and efficiently. With our extensive database and knowledge of state certifications and licenses, we can quickly provide the right people for the job.

Keeping your facility operational with trained HVAC and electricians is a crucial part of any workforce that needs to be maintained, and we understand that. Therefore, we work with you to provide skilled maintenance staff to keep things running smoothly during a strike.

Maintenance is often one of the four contracts a hospital will require during a strike, and we are here to help. With 30 years of experience recruiting this type of workforce, Huffmaster has built a reputation for being the best in the business. Our skilled tradespeople have worked with us many times and understand the importance of maintaining continuity of care during a strike.

Choose Huffmaster for skilled maintenance staff services and ensure your facility’s operations continue without interruption.