Combined Security

Technology has delivered many new capabilities to the security industry. Yet, many would challenge, nothing replaces the human component.

Integrating the best of both approaches, Huffmaster offers solutions that don’t force you to choose between the latest available technology and uniformed officers.

Using the most contemporary virtual security officers teamed with highly capable on-site officers, Huffmaster provides the most efficient and cost-effective security systems. As a provider of both of these key components, the integration between them is certain to be the most effective combination available on the market today.

With this unique blended approach, you get the extreme efficiencies of video analytics and integrated camera/access/intrusion systems, while still delivering a human touch. This blend is also a dynamic process that lets you change the various components as granularly as needed. This means that shift-by-shift ratios can be customized for each specific location. The days of a “one size fits all” approach to security are now firmly committed to the history books.