Industrial Strike

In a strike scenario, companies can face significant disruptions that may impact the ability to maintain services or supply chains. Huffmaster recognizes that strikes are sensitive, and we respect workers’ rights to protest, but we want you to be prepared. 

We have an in-depth understanding of your situation and know that:

  • Employees who are not on strike may feel uncomfortable crossing a picket line–further disrupting productivity. 
  • Food and beverage companies risk losing shelf space if they cannot provide their products on time. 
  • Just-in-time manufacturing could face penalties if they cannot supply products to their customers. 
CDL Drivers
Skilled / Unskilled

CDL Strike Services

Huffmaster is your go-to source for finding experienced CDL-A commercial drivers. In today’s market, qualified CDL drivers are in high demand nationwide; fortunately, we have the solution. Huffmaster has a database of hundreds of experienced drivers ready to deploy within a week, with complete DOT files and background checks already completed.

Warehouse Strike Services

Huffmaster is your trusted partner in finding skilled and dependable warehouse workers. For businesses that rely on one or multiple warehouses, having the right personnel is vital to maintaining optimal efficiency and productivity. However, surges in demand, seasonality requirements, and high turnover rates can make finding skilled warehouse workers difficult.

Skilled / Unskilled

During a strike, keeping your business running is crucial to minimizing financial losses and maintaining customer relationships. Our temporary staffing plays a vital role throughout the nation in achieving this goal.