Healthcare Staffing

As a healthcare staffing company, Huffmaster is proud to have been certified by the Joint Commission for Healthcare Staffing Services. This certification demonstrates our commitment to adhering to the rigorous policies and standards set by the Joint Commission.

 Earning the Health Care Staffing Services Certification means we collect monthly data sets in these standardized performance measures:


  • Do not return rate for clinical reasons.
    • We don’t deploy someone who has not met our clinical standards.
  • Do not return rate for professional reasons.
    • We have zero tolerance for non-professional behavior. 
  • Completeness of personnel file:
    • Licensing.
    • Health Documents.
    • Background Checks and Drug Screens.

Huffmaster has consistently complied with 100 percent of the Department of Health regulations. In 2015, we received our initial certification, and since then, received three additional certifications with no findings. This achievement places us among the few companies in the industry to have achieved this level of certification.

We continue to implement policies and procedures that ensure compliance with applicable regulations, including standards for licensing, education, and background checks. Our focus is on recruiting and retaining competent and experienced staffing candidates, and we maintain detailed files to ensure their compliance.

Our certification is a testament to our commitment to meeting and adhering to national consensus-based standards and the best industry practices available in healthcare staffing services.

Allied / Technical
Service Employees
Skilled Maintenance


At Huffmaster, we understand the healthcare industry requires a personal touch, so we work closely with our clients to give them multiple options for staffing solutions. Many companies look at staffing using a traditional full-time employee model. Huffmaster brings the problem-solving skills and creativity necessary to maintain your high standards of patient care.

Allied / Technical

At Huffmaster, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive staffing solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes. We understand that many companies struggle with finding qualified Allied professionals for several reasons—most due to licensing.

Service Employee Staffing

Our healthcare staffing company prides itself on maintaining a rigorous screening and credentialing process for all temporary personnel. In addition, our recruiters carefully evaluate each candidate to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and professionalism.

Skilled Maintenance

Huffmaster offers comprehensive staffing solutions for various industries, including healthcare. Maintaining healthcare facilities can be time-consuming and challenging, so we provide various staffing solutions to help you stay on track and do the job.