Support Staff

At Huffmaster, we understand that it’s more than just teachers needed to maintain operations and continuity of education during a teacher strike. We provide temporary support staff replacements to ensure your school district can function effectively during a strike.

We work closely with schools to identify critical support staff positions and develop a plan to fill them during a strike. Our recruiters specialize in identifying qualified and professional support staff. Huffmaster can find them locally or bring them in from out of town to create a suggested workforce for your district. Our support staff includes:

  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Secretarial staff
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Or anyone who works inside the school but is not a teacher 

Similar to our temporary teacher staffing solutions, Huffmaster handles all the backend work and background checks so that you receive only qualified replacements ready to work.

Don’t let a lack of educational support staff disrupt your school district’s operations. Instead, contact Huffmaster to learn more about our temporary support staff solutions and how we can help you maintain academic continuity during a strike.

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