Virtual Security

Introducing Huffmaster’s VirSec™ – Virtual Security for the 21st Century

At Huffmaster, we provide Virtual Security Officers (VSO) who are highly trained to do more than just remotely monitor property entry points or parking lots. Trained and certified as a security officer first and then given additional training in monitoring techniques; gives our Virtual Security Officers the upper hand when monitoring your site. Our VSOs have been cleared by the Department of Homeland Security (when required), so you can be compliant with Homeland Security requirements.

Our VSOs can call emergency services if needed. We even provide virtual escort services to ensure the safety of your employees; our VSOs will stay on the phone with them and watch through the camera until they successfully get into their cars.

The VirSec service replaces many of the typical on-site officer duties, such as:

  • Surveillance Detection
  • Dispatching Authorities
  • Unified Incident Command
  • Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Control Gates and Doors (when properly integrated)

Huffmaster’s VSOs have the experience to know which areas require careful monitoring. As a result, VirSec gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is secure, your employees are safe, and confidence that your video data is protected.

Choose from our range of services that cater to multiple sites, have a dedicated VSO position just for your site(s), or have Huffmaster customize a virtual security program to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to experience holistic virtual security services with Huffmaster’s VirSec™.