Protective Services Group

Huffmaster is your trusted partner for protective services.


At Huffmaster, we understand that every business has unique security needs—that’s why we offer a variety of protective services such as:

  • Highly-trained Virtual Security Officers who can remotely monitor your property via your security camera feed and are certified and cleared by the Department of Homeland Security. Our Virtual Security Officers can cost-effectively augment and replace some of your security services for routine matters or emergency services.
  • Manned Security officers are qualified through a recognized Training program to handle any security-related situation. Our security personnel are Class A Security Officers, former law enforcement, and military individuals.
  • Security integrations to ensure all security systems are working in unison and sharing information to mitigate the risks of unwanted entries and enhance employee safety. Huffmaster is technology agnostic, so we work with any security manufacturer to connect all your systems to share information. 


Our consulting services are customized to address your requirements. With decades of experience, our experts aid businesses in identifying and reducing risks, complying with regulations, and improving security. Huffmaster’s team specializes in physical, people, cyber, infrastructure, and crisis management, ensuring your business is safeguarded. We proactively identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, providing recommendations to mitigate risks.

Huffmaster’s security training programs can be customized to fit our client’s requirements. Our courses include workplace violence prevention, employee safety, and general security practice refreshers. In addition, we collaborate with clients to create tailored training programs that cater to their specific challenges and concerns.

In addition, we offer highly-skilled trainers with extensive security industry experience and are certified as Protection Professionals (CPP). Furthermore, as a committee member, our Chief Security Trainer has contributed to developing ANSI Standards on Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention, Risk Assessments, and Investigations.

Contact us today to learn more about our protective services. We’re here to help you create a safer and more secure environment for your business and employees.

On-Site Services
Uniformed Officers
Plain Clothes Officers
Executive Protection

On-Site Services

Huffmaster has a 50-year history of providing a comprehensive array of protective services. Most of these services have traditionally been viewed as a physical presence of security personnel.

Uniformed Officers

The role of the uniformed security officer has never been more critical or more demanding. Rising rates of violence and terrorism have increased the need for security to ensure businesses and employees are kept as safe as possible. 

Plain Clothes Officers

In many corporate settings, customers desire a “softer” or less militaristic-looking uniform. In these instances, uniformed officers are attired in more traditional business apparel, most commonly a blazer. Frequently, a smaller, less dramatic breast patch identifies the individual as a security officer.

Executive protection

Kidnapping, stalkers, and terrorism have evolved into daily fears for executives, dignitaries, celebrities and other high-profile individuals.