Plain Clothes Officers

In many corporate settings, customers desire a “softer” or less militaristic-looking uniform. In these instances, uniformed officers are attired in more traditional business apparel, most commonly a blazer. Frequently, a smaller, less dramatic breast patch identifies the individual as a security officer.

In some instances, customers may refer to this type of apparel as “plain clothed” when, in fact, it is still technically a uniform. The entire process and support mechanism involves the same professionally-trained security officers with many of the same, if not more, responsibilities.

This modified appearance of plainclothes officers works well in a setting such as the lobby of a commercial office building, residential complexes, and/or higher-end properties in the hospitality industry where a uniformed presence has the potential to put people on edge and take away from the desired or intended atmosphere.

As with Huffmaster’s other protective services, achieving the proper balance between people and technology is key to ensuring the resulting security solution works within your budgetary constraints and achieves the desired outcomes. Our initial security vulnerability assessment is a critical tool in establishing the parameters that will guide our recommendations regarding the plain clothes security officers and systems best suited for your situation.