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Positions Matched:


Warehouse: Forklift

Location: Georgia

Huffmaster Companies is recruiting experienced Cherry Picker/Warehouse workers willing to travel to work a 4 week or longer assignment in the Atlanta area.


10 hour shifts

3rd shift

6 days per week, so lots of overtime!

We Provide:

  • Paid travel by air, reimbursed mileage or other mass transit
  • Hotel accommodations provided, one person per room
  • Per diem paid daily for meal expenses


  • Verifiable experience as a cherry picker/turret forktruck experience using RF scanners
  • Forklift Certification preferred
  • Ability to travel and be away from home for 60 days or longer
  • Great work ethic, must be willing to hustle!

If you are interested in this assignment and meet the requirements, please submit a resume and a recruiter will contact you.

If you have questions, you can call and speak to one of our in house recruiters at 800-486-1544.

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Warehouse: ForkliftGeorgia No

Production Worker

Location: Ohio

Huffmaster Companies is recruiting for experienced Production Operators for Ohio. Must be able to travel by 9-22-20 and commit to 10 weeks. 

Pay rate $19/hr with $1 completion bonus
60 hour per full work week guarantee if you are ready, willing and able to work each scheduled shift.

We Provide:

  • Air travel or reimbursed mileage (one round trip) if you live within 300 miles of the job site

  • Daily per diem for meals and incidentals 

  • Hotel Accommodations (single housing)Job 

Job Description:

Unloads trays of pistons onto press feeder hopper, takes full trays after sizing, places various parts into machine for finishing, loads trays into cart, unloads trays into lathe feeder, places trays into cart after lathe operation.  Machine change over operations including die changes as required.  Keeps records, performs visual and dimensional inspection of all parts, makes minor machine repair and adjustments and maintains machine cleanliness. 


  • Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs

  • Must be able to stand and walk for 12 hour shift

  • Must have prior Machine Operator experience


Tools, Equipment, Machine and Vehicle

  • jigs/gages, dies, conveyor, totes, trays, torque wrench, various CNC machines, racks, hand tools

Dress Code: 

  • Steel toed shoes required.

  • Jeans or canvas type pants: no khakis, shorts, sweats, stretch pants, or capri pants permitted. 

  • Shirt must be tucked in, but T shirt is fine as long as it is long enough to tuck

If you have questions, please call and speak to a recruiter at 800-486-1544.

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Production WorkerOhio No

Assembler: General

Location: Travel Throughout the US

We are recruiting assembly workers to work at a facility in Eastern Illinois not too far from Terre Haute Indiana. Job starting 9/14.


60 hours per week, so lots of OT (all hours worked over 40 in a work week will receive time and a half which is $21/hr)

We provide:

  • Hotel accommodations one person to a rooms
  • Airfare or reimbursed mileage up to 500 miles if you prefer to drive
  • Per diem paid daily for meal expenses


  • some previous experience working in a manufacturing facility
  • ability to work 12 hour shifts 60 hours per week, standing and walking
  • Ability to travel and be away from home for 45 days or longer

If you stay at the assignment for the duration need or 45 days, whichever comes first, you will receive a bonus based on number of hours you have worked. $1/hr for the first 40 in a work week, and $1.50 per hour for any overtime hours worked.

If you are able to travel and are interested in this opportunity, please submit a detailed resume.

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Assembler: GeneralTravel Throughout the US No


Location: Oregon

Huffmaster Companies is recruiting Operating Engineers (Boiler Operators) for a possible Labor dispute that may could occur at anytime.


Pay rate $60 per hour

48 Hour Guarantee per each full week worked


· Must be able to bend, carry, reach, push/pull, twist, and lift up to 50 pounds.

· Respond to calls from plant personnel for emergency maintenance service.

· Startup the equipment at the beginning of production, usually when the lines have been shut down over the weekend.

· Perform scheduled routine, servicing and maintenance of plant utilities including boilers and HVAC and document the activity.

· Assist and monitor outside vendors in the work they are contracted to perform work such as special inspections.

· Must be able to operate different types of manufacturing equipment (pallet jack, forklift, high/low units)


We Provide:

· Air travel or reimbursed mileage (one round trip) if you live within 300 miles of the job site

· Daily Per Diem to cover meal expenses and incidentals

· Hotel Accommodations (two people to a room)


If you would like to apply for this position, please call 800-486-1544.

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BoilermakerOregon No

Registered Nurse (RN)

Location: Travel Throughout the US

Huffmaster Companies specializes in Healthcare Crisis Staffing. We work across the country assisting hospitals and nursing homes when then have labor disputes or are in need of additional staff.

When we have a new opportunity we contact those that have an application on file with us and have the licensing needed. Depending on the State and the size of the hospital, there are times when we will assist and pay for an RN to get that States license.

The pay rates vary depending on the facility. Typically the pay ranges from $45-$55/hr with a minimum guarantee (for labor disputes).


  • Must have 1 year of experience working in your specialty within the last 3 years
  • Must be up-to-date within current file requirements
  • Must have active RN License

We provide:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Air travel to the job site, or if too close to fly, reimbursed mileage one round trip from your home to the hotel
  • Daily per diem to cover meal expenses and incidentals

Most healthcare strike are only a few days, so it is a great way to make extra income! Please complete our application and we will contact you when we have a new opportunity!

If you are interested in working this assignment, please complete our online application by following the link to apply or to speak to recruiter, please call 800-486-1544.

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Registered Nurse (RN)Travel Throughout the US No
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