Penetration Testing

Huffmaster is your partner for penetration testing (aka Red Team Testing).

At Huffmaster, our Red Teams perform physical penetration tests to assess all your security controls, such as locks, gates, fences, security personnel, cameras, and other security measures that may be in place. Then, we bypass or circumvent these security systems to gain access and report your vulnerabilities.

To test your physical security, Huffmaster will attempt to get into your company’s sensitive areas: 

  • It’s easier to access sensitive information from within a company, so Huffmastser focuses on computers and workstations to check if they are left on and if the user’s password is displayed anywhere.  
  • We look for access to the production areas to see if they can be compromised. 
  • We use social engineering to access the main facility or research areas.

After penetration testing, our Red Team provides a comprehensive report on all activities, including how Huffmaster gained access, all vulnerabilities discovered, and recommendations for improvements.

Contact us today to learn more about our Red Team Penetration Testing services and how we can help you identify vulnerabilities in your physical security controls.