Huffmaster is the most trusted name in school teacher replacement services. We understand the importance of keeping your school running smoothly, especially regarding the support staff. Our recruiters specialize in identifying qualified and professional staff, ensuring your school has the best team to meet your needs.

At Huffmaster, we find teacher support staff locally to create a suggested workforce for your district. Our support staff includes maintenance personnel, who are highly skilled and trained to keep your school facilities in top condition. In addition, they ensure your school is a safe and comfortable environment for your students and staff.

We also provide secretarial staff who are highly organized and skilled in administrative tasks. 

Our administrative assistants are highly trained and skilled in managing day-to-day operations in a school setting. They handle scheduling, record-keeping, and correspondence, freeing up your administrative staff to focus on other essential tasks.

At Huffmaster, we understand the importance of highly skilled and qualified teaching and support staff. We provide the best temporary solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the best team for your school district.

Strike Security
Temporary Teachers
Strike staffing
Support Staff

Strike Security

Huffmaster understands a strike’s impact on your business, and we want to help you protect everyone involved, including your employees who may be on the picket line. Therefore, we focus on creating a safe and secure environment for everyone involved to prevent animosity and conflict.

Temporary Replacement Teachers

We understand that strikes can be stressful for students, parents, and the community. Huffmaster takes steps to ease this stress by providing replacement teachers who meet all requirements.

Strike Replacement Service

Teacher strikes can significantly impact students, parents, and the community. Schools may be forced to close when educators go on strike, leaving parents struggling to find alternative childcare options and students needing more critical instruction time. These strikes cause significant disruption—but not if Huffmaster is your partner.

Support Staff

At Huffmaster, we understand that it’s more than just teachers needed to maintain operations and continuity of education during a teacher strike. We provide temporary support staff replacements to ensure your school district can function effectively during a strike.