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As a nationally-recognized healthcare staffing agency, Huffmaster provides single-source strike staffing solutions to national healthcare clients including hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. By providing replacement personnel during a strike, our clients can continue their vital operations during labor disputes.

Huffmaster is always accepting applications for:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants

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For the safety of yourself and patients, all personnel who work in a healthcare facility must meet the health screening requirements of that facility.

The requirements will vary from state to state and type of facility. Below are the most common requirements, and how to go about fulfilling those requirements.

For specific requirements of each position and facility, please discuss with one of our recruiters.


TB Tests

Also known as PPD tests, this is a skin prick test for Tuberculosis. You must have the skin test on one day and return a couple of days later to have the results read. All healthcare facilities will require TB tests within the last 12 months.

The most economical way to get this done is to call your county health department, or you can call your family physician.

If you have had a positive TB test in the past, proof that you are free from the disease will be required by submitting a clear chest x-ray.



We must have a statement from a physician that you have had a physical within the last 12 months or a statement from a physician dated within the last 12 months that you are “fit to perform the duties of the job you are applying for”.

You may contact your physician, or you can call your county health department or a walk-in clinic.



These are the vaccinations that may be required:

  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (these three together are the MMR vaccine)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)

If vaccinations are required, you must show immunity for the above in one of the following ways:

  • Blood Titers (this is a blood test that tests for immunity to those diseases)
  • Vaccine or booster shot records
  • History of Disease signed by physician

Hepatitis B can either be by vaccination or you can sign a declination form at in-processing

In some cases, a Tetanus vaccine may be required, or a combined Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap)

If you have your immunization records, you can submit copies of those; if not, the quickest and most economical way is to get an MMR booster which can be obtained from your county health department.



How do I get on the list to go?

First, you must have an online application submitted in our applicant tracking system. Once that is done, you can be added to the availability list by speaking to a recruiter. To be scheduled on an assignment, you must have an updated resume/work history that details the facilities you have worked at with dates and the specialty, as well as a skills checklist for your area of specialty.

How are personnel chosen for the strike?

It is our policy at Huffmaster to place candidates who meet the job criteria with completed profiles on the schedule first. We feel that those who respond first with completed profiles should be placed first.

How many hours do we have to work?

This varies by assignment. The minimum per full week of work is 60 hours; however, assignments can be up to 12 hour shifts 7 days per week. Please refer to individual job postings for the specific number of hours.

What is the length of commitment?

For open-ended strikes, we ask for a minimum of two weeks. The length of the job action won’t be known until the union issues a 10-day notice to strike. If the strike is a short duration such as a 3-day strike, personnel would need to be available for approximately 7-9 days.

What kind of transportation is provided?

We provide you with an airline ticket at the beginning and end of the assignment. If you live within 300 miles of the strike and wish to drive, we will reimburse mileage up to 300 miles each way. Upon arrival at the destination city, a Huffmaster representative will transport you to the hotel. We provide you with the cell phone numbers of who to contact should you experience any difficulties throughout your travel and the duration of the job action.

Can I book my own flight and submit for reimbursement?

No, because we are traveling large groups of people at once, we need to book the flights for you. This ensures we have correct information for billing purposes, know what flights and when you are arriving/departing, and can track whether a ticket has been used.

What about my luggage?

Huffmaster will reimburse you for one checked bag on your flight to the job site and again on the way home. Please save your receipt on your flight to the job site, and we will reimburse you the luggage fee during in-processing. Outbound luggage fees will be paid prior to leaving the hotel for your return flight.

What is the housing like?

We provide shared hotel rooms, never more than 2 people per room. Whenever possible, we use major hotel chains. The only exception is when a facility is in a very small town. We never book anyone into a hotel we aren’t willing to stay in ourselves.

Can I get my own room?

We cannot guarantee hotel availability during strike assignments. If interested in getting your own room, you would have to find an available hotel, pay for your own housing, and find transportation to and from the hotel site to the work site. We are not able to reimburse the costs or accommodate transportation. For those who don’t like to share a room with a stranger, we encourage you to work these assignments with a friend so you can room together.

Can I bring a pet or family member?

Because we are staying in hotels and have shared rooms, we cannot accommodate pets or family members.

What do I wear?

When attending orientation, dress is business casual. Please do not wear open-toed shoes. During the strike, personnel should wear scrubs and closed-toed slip resistant shoes.

Is a drug test required?

Most of our clients do require a drug test prior to the start of the assignment. Please speak to a recruiter if you have any questions.

Do we know what type of equipment we will be using?

This will vary from assignment to assignment, and by position.

Do I have to get a license before the strike?

Every job action is unique. Depending on the specific job assignment, we may offer reimbursement and/or license you for that state. Some states are compact states in which there is reciprocity, and in some we may be able to license you in advance. Based upon the location and individual job actions, licensing instructions are provided. If we are going to reimburse licenses, it must be pre-approved in advance and you must include an original receipt to be reimbursed. We will reimburse licensing expenses for candidates with complete files and who have been notified they are confirmed and on the schedule.

What is the rate of pay?

Pay rates are set per job action and can vary based on many factors. Please speak to a recruiter for the rate of pay on specific assignments. Employment documents as well as a deployment agreement will be sent prior to each job action and will list the rate of pay for that specific assignment.

How and when do I get paid?

Our standard pay period is Sunday – Saturday with the payroll being paid 9 days after the pay period ends, on Monday. For short duration strikes, the pay week may be adjusted so the entire strike is in one pay period. Please speak to a recruiter and read your deployment agreement for details for that specific assignment.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Depending on the size of the job action, we may offer referral bonuses. Please see specific written directions on who qualifies for a referral bonus. At a minimum, when offered, the people referred must be new to our company/database after we start the referral program and must list you as the person who referred them for the assignment.

Why do I have to have to submit so many documents before I can work, especially for such a short period of time?

Each facility has different file requirements, and we must meet Huffmaster’s Joint Commission requirements.

Typically, the minimum file requirements to work at an acute care setting are the following:

  • Passing score on Unit Specific Competency Exam(s) through Nurse Competency
  • Skills checklist
  • Resume
  • 2 manager references submitted through Skill Survey
  • Physical: must state you are clear to work and free of communicable diseases, dated within 12 months of the assignment end date
  • TB testing within 12 months of the assignment end date
  • 1 negative PPD skin test -or- 1 negative IGRA blood test (T-SPOT/QuantiFERON) -or- documented past positive TB testing history with negative chest X-ray within 5 years of the assignment end date -and- annual TB symptoms questionnaire through Adobe Sign
  • MMR: positive antibody titer (IgG) -or- vaccine
  • Varicella: positive antibody titer (IgG) -or- vaccine
  • Hep B: positive/reactive surface antibody titer (anti-HBs/HBsAb) -or- (3) vaccines -or- declination form
  • Tdap: within the last 10 years of the assignment end date -or- declination form
  • Drug screen: if requested by client
  • Criminal background check

If I need a TB test or other health document, can I get reimbursed?

We do not reimburse for health documents or certifications.

Why do I need to keep up my work history?

Our Joint Commission policy requires 1 year of verifiable experience in your area of specialty within the last 3 years. If your work history/resume is outdated and doesn’t list the most recent experience, you will not be able to work the assignment.

How can I make sure my file stays updated?

File preparation and updating is an ongoing process. Our records department works diligently to process all data received and then notifies each candidate of items needed via phone or email, whichever you prefer. We encourage you as you update your certifications, get new PPD tests, etc., to send a copy to us by emailing it to

Do you just do strikes?

No. Our BlueForce Healthcare Staffing division offers 4-13-week travel assignments across the United States. For more information, please contact a BlueForce recruiter at 866.795.2583 or visit the website at

Can I work both strike and travel assignments?

Yes. We encourage you to work both strike assignments and BlueForce travel nursing assignments.

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