Expert Predictions on the Rise of Strikes: Why Companies Need a Contingency Plan Now

As labor experts predict tough union negotiations for expiring contracts, many companies risk supply chain disruptions and revenue loss due to potential labor disputes. In addition, companies without a contingency plan to operate during strikes put their clients and their business at risk. 

Tim Ryan’s analysis, published in Law360, titled “Experts Expect Rise In Strikes To Continue After 2022 Uptick,” captures the heart of today’s strike and labor negotiation status. 

In this article, he finds that the rise in strikes and other work stoppages in 2022 is expected to continue with an increasingly empowered labor force and enhanced interest in unions. He cites Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations report that finds 424 work stoppages in 2022 that involved 224,000 workers, up from 279 stoppages involving 140,000 workers in the previous year. 

Ryan also found that this trend comes when public support for unions is at its highest level in 60 years, and high-profile union drives are underway in industries including hospitality, food service, and higher education. In addition, he points to factors such as increased worker activism, high cost of living, and a tight labor market fueling strike actions.

As significant labor contracts come up for negotiation in 2023, companies must have a contingency plan to operate during potential labor disputes. The Teamsters’ contract with UPS, which covers more than 300,000 workers, and the United Auto Workers’ deals with the Big Three automakers are just a few examples of significant contracts up for negotiation. 

Huffmaster’s crisis security and staffing services can assist in developing a staffing and security plan that enables your business to operate and fulfill customer demands even in a labor dispute. With 45 years of experience in strike staffing and security best practices, we can establish a robust plan that positions your business favorably at the bargaining table, ensuring that your company will continue to operate. 

By partnering with Huffmaster, you will have a well-crafted plan that will become your go-to resource during contract negotiations or labor disputes.

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