Averting Crisis: Huffmaster’s Solution to an Imminent Labor Strike

The threat of a labor strike faced by a large consumer products company (LCPC) across the U.S., with a potential loss of nearly half its sales volume, called for a specialized crisis management solution. With various unions, including the Biscuit Confectioners Tobacco Green Miller’s (BCTGM), IAM, Electrical Workers, and Teamsters, ready to halt work, Huffmaster was engaged to navigate this challenge.

Huffmaster began contingency planning nine months ahead of the possible strike action, deploying security personnel and replacement workers at LCPC’s facilities in Portland, Oregon; Richmond, Virginia; and Chicago, Illinois. Over a thousand workers were distributed, ensuring uninterrupted production despite a turbulent environment and labor complexities from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In Portland, where local law enforcement support was thin, Huffmaster’s security team expertly managed the situation, ensuring the facility’s operations continued amid significant area unrest.

Communication was vital during the crisis. Daily updates from Huffmaster kept LCPC’s management team abreast of developments. This continuous stream of information ensured timely responses and facilitated the sharing of best practices across sites.

The depth of Huffmaster’s experience in crisis and strike management proved invaluable. Through tabletop exercises before the strike, they prepared LCPC for various scenarios, providing essential guidance when these unfolded.

Post-strike, Huffmaster continued its support, helping re-establish a positive work environment with the returning workforce. A ‘lessons learned’ session offered valuable insights for future work stoppages.

In conclusion, LCPC’s experience underscores the effectiveness of specialized crisis staffing solutions like Huffmaster’s. Their comprehensive approach allowed LCPC to maintain operations and mitigate significant business risks, showcasing the power of crisis management expertise.

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