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While no company welcomes a strike, every employer with a unionized workforce faces the threat. Without an established strike management plan to ensure continued operations during a work stoppage – and an experienced strike management partner to execute that plan – you stand to lose revenue, market share, just-in-time contracts, perishable inventories, and potentially much more. For more than 50 years, companies have found their solution with Huffmaster.

Huffmaster has earned its reputation as the leading strike management resource on the front lines of many of the nation’s most difficult and high-profile labor disputes. As a result, few companies can match our depth of experience or our range of services. We can assist with all aspects of pre-strike contingency planning and, if a work stoppage occurs, we can provide replacement workers, strike-trained uniformed officers, and a full array of supporting services. With a unique combination of experience and single-source capabilities, Huffmaster is the proven choice for strike management solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of strike management solutions, including contingency planning, replacement personnel and strike security for plant closings, healthcare strikes, and school strikes.

Our Team

Craig Cassady

Craig Cassady


Ana Nipirakis

Anastasia Nipirakis

Director of Staffing Operations

Pat Villerot

Pat Villerot

Director of Field Operations

Megan Mulholland

Megan Kelly

Recruiting Manager

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