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VirSec Reduces Crime and Saves Money

Not long ago, Art Van Furniture in Warren would follow a simple – yet time-consuming and expensive – routine: Every time one of its locations hosted a tent sale, the furniture and furnishings had to be transferred between […]

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RN strikes in MA and IL, Allied and Service strike in PA

We are recruiting for several strikes that may be happening in Mid August or September.   RNs are needed  for possible strikes in Southern Massachusetts and Northern Illinois. We are also recruiting for a very large allied and service personnel strike that may occur in Central Pennsylvania.  If you would […]

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Signs of Potential Violence in the Workplace

Most incidents of workplace violence only make the news if one or more people were shot or killed. But the truth is, the number of workplace homicides, while unacceptable and disturbing, is just the tip of the iceberg […]

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As the leading provider of strike management solutions, Fortune 500 and Healthcare businesses rely upon Huffmaster Crisis Management for contingency planning, replacement employees and strike security.

Huffmaster’s Protective Services Group offers innovative programs for clients with elevated security threats, workplace violence concerns, termination support needs, as well as consulting, Investigations and Training.