Business Contingency Planning

Huffmaster offers comprehensive business contingency planning services across various industries, including security, industrial, food, healthcare, and manufacturing. Our services cover all aspects of contingency planning, from warehouse and industrial facilities to large hospitals and small long-term care facilities.

There are two parts to our contingency planning services. First, we guide our clients on the operational side, such as shutdown procedures and reaction plans. For example, in the food industry, we assist with shutting down ovens and cleaning processes while ensuring employee training for replacements.

Secondly, we take a wave approach to help our clients return to business as soon as possible. We help support them by bringing in replacements in waves and providing seamless handoffs and training to ensure a smooth transition.

Our business contingency planning services help companies identify gaps in their training processes and ensure preparedness for remote work or adding to their employee base. In addition, we deliver electronic and hard copy plans, including checklists and all appropriate documents to get the job done.

We also review and revise existing contingency plans by identifying roles, responsibilities, and stakeholders and constantly update procedures to ensure effectiveness. 

Huffmaster has over 30 years of crisis management experience; trust us to help your company eliminate guesswork and be prepared for any unforeseen situation.