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Having trouble finding qualified candidates due to low unemployment rates? Only have access to a small pool of local talent? Huffmaster provides fast placement of semi-unskilled and skilled replacement personnel on short notice.

Huffmaster can provide employees for a variety of short and long-term positions anywhere within the U.S., whether you need to:

  • Quickly fill jobs after turnover, during vacations or disability leave
  • Add staff for unexpected opportunities
  • Keep deliveries on time during peak season
  • Build up your full-time staff

Whether you’re short staffed or in peak season, Huffmaster can provide temporary and temporary to permanent positions to address the staffing challenges facing your company.

We recruit specifically to your job descriptions and give you the oversight to choose candidates who are a good fit for your company. With Huffmaster, you can evaluate each employee before you commit to hire, see each employee’s qualifications, and are only provided candidates with your required specializations.

Our Team

Craig Cassady

Craig Cassady


Ana Nipirakis

Anastasia Nipirakis

Director of Staffing Operations

Pat Villerot

Pat Villerot

Director of Field Operations

Megan Mulholland

Megan Kelly

Recruiting Manager

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