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Security is an essential part of any strike plan, since it is critical to provide a safe environment for non-union employees, patients, and their families during a strike. As the nation’s premier single-source provider of crisis healthcare staff, Huffmaster coordinates the transportation and logistics of replacement workers as well as healthcare strike security officers to protect your facility, personnel, patients and family members.

Our experienced and uniformed security officers are trained to specifically handle healthcare strikes and avoid unnecessary Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs) while gathering needed evidence to keep picketing within the approved legal limits. We position our security officers in highly visible locations and strategically place videographers to provide an active deterrent to picket line misconduct and to support restraining orders, injunctions, or NLRB hearings related to the strike. These measures allow us to prevent most problems from ever occurring in the first place.

Security personnel also provide transportation to management, non-union and replacement personnel. This essential service eliminates the stress of driving through a crowded picket line and reduces the number of vehicles entering and exiting the facility each day. It can also reduce your liability and possible injury to staff and picketing employees, by having trained professionals providing transportation services through crowded areas.

Huffmaster makes sure your operations continue with:

  • Picket Line Security
  • Property Protection
  • Mobile Protection
  • Evidence Collection
  • Executive Protection
  • Secured Transportation

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